There are an unbelievable amount of benefits to using spread betting rather than traditional investments:

1) The tax man can keep his grubby paws off your profits as spread betting is tax-free. No stamp duty, no Capital Gains Tax, nothing.

2) You don’t have to pay endless fees to accountants and stockbrokers.

3) You will be in charge of your own investments, rather than relying on a third party with questionable motives.

4) When the stock market is sinking, you can be making a fortune.

5) Theoretically, your profits are limitless and you can limit your losses with stop losses.

6) You can trade endless amounts of markets across the world you wouldn’t otherwise have access to and profit from situations at all corners of the globe.

7) You have leveraged access to these markets, meaning you can invest more with less outlay.

8) Spread-betting can be an amazing adrenaline rush when you see the market moving massively in your direction. Who thought financial markets could be exciting!

Beware however that the value of your investment can rise as well as fall!