There are many factors that can act as a catalyst for movement in a spread betting market. Key Market Indicators, or Key Economic Indicators, as they are sometimes known are released by the US, UK, Euro zone and Far East Governments at regular intervals. Many people base their trading strategies around the release dates of these economic announcements. Below I will have a look at some of the main ones and try to explain their affects on the markets.

Non-farm payroll figures are employment data from the USA, which are generally announced on the first Friday of every month. These figures are also used as part of the ‘Employment Situation’ report. The Non-farm payroll figures count the change in the number of paid employees working full or part-time in US businesses and government, excluding the farming sector. It includes all the major sectors of the economy and is said to give a detailed report on the state of the labor market. Increases in employment translate directly into economic growth. However, rapid employment increases can spark a rise in inflation if production for goods and services does not keep up with demand.