Daily rolling, put simply, is betting on the outcome at the close of trading. You will be able to find out when trading closes by looking at your spread betting firm’s market information sheet. When day trading and you think things will continue in your favour the next day you can roll the trade overnight. You will be charged a small sum for doing this though – so if you do want to holdposition for a long period of time you should have a look at futures trading. The big advantage of betting on daily markets is a smaller spread which means you can trade the market at less cost to maximise your profits.

When trading futures, you can choose near, next and far futures contracts. This is betting on the outcome of the share price at the end of the next quarter, the second quarter and third quarter from when you placed our trade. Futures are long-term bets and it could take months to reap the rewards. The spreads will get wider the bigger the contract. Imagine if you had placed a far future bet on gold before the recession!

A confusingly titled market you may see is a daily future. A daily future uses the futures price, but the contract ends at the end of the day. You will have the option to roll the trade as with a regular daily trade.

On both of these you can close out early, although as the spreads are larger on a futures trade it will cost you a bit more to do so!