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Years ago the concept of financial trading was completely different than today. It used to be seen as daunting and something restricted to just people with lot of money and acumen. In the internet age, everyone can have access to this portfolio option; it is only necessary to possess a computer and funds to trade online.

At commencement trading online is not at first glance immediately straight forward, people with no experience can lose more money than they win, and it takes some time to learn how to do it.

Capital Spreads is considered one of the UK’s leading spread betting companies who were voted as the Best Spread Betting Broker at the Trade2Win Members’ Choice Awards in 2011. And offers tutorial advise to aspiring spread traders.

There are different methods of spread trading, you can use an online broker or financial spread betting company, and also, there are dealers who can help you if you have some problem placing your trades.

It is necessary some help at the beginning to learn how to trade if you don’t want to get stuck. This is also very important when you are risking your own money as loses can exceed gains. Capital Spreads Learning Centre provides a guide which gives you the knowledge and insight tips to get a good head start.

Capital Spreads are currently offering a free demo account to start practicing. It offers a convenient way to learn trade online, and practice, practice and more practice! Is there a better way to do it than a free demo? After the trial run, when clients have acquired enough knowledge, they can decide decide the different markets they wish to trade depending the ones who suits better you.

Prospective customers can also check seminars and webinars to view how the platform works and learn a bit more. After that it is their time to decide the best individual strategy and start trading!

Good luck!

Recently arrived to London, just one month ago I had the opportunity to start an internship in Hyperion as a digital marketing assistant and get involved into the betting world. My first bet was simple; an exciting match between my favorite team Real Madrid and Barca.

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