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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games celebrated in London from the 17th July until 12th August received people all over the world. During that period there were events all around the city celebrating the Games.

After the Olympics, the spread betting firm Sporting Index Group reported the record-breaking turnover at London 2012 exceeding Beijing in 2008.

The group took nine times as many bets as four years ago in Beijing 2008, something that is incredible. Apart from this, it bears in mind that the 70 percent of Sporting Index customers who were betting or had been active with the firm over the past three weeks bet at least once during the Olympic Games, one third of them were using a hand-held device.

Mark Maydon, the Commercial Director for London-based Sporting Index announced:

“We’ve been thrilled with London 2012 and, although we expected it to grab the attention of punters, it has surpassed our expectations”.

Sporting Index took in Beijing bets in 16 sports, this changed in London, where they saw action on all 36 sports with wagers placed on each one of the 302 medal events where the top wager sports were in soccer and tennis.

The group was expecting London 2012 but they didn’t imagine the results that they had, as Mark Maydon said:

“We made a conscious decision 18 months ago to invest heavily in our trading team, algorithms and modelling for the Olympics and we’ve been rewarded with unprecedented levels of interest”.

We only can say congratulation to them hoping that in the Rio 2016 they meet all their expectations.

Recently arrived to London, just one month ago I had the opportunity to start an internship in Hyperion as a digital marketing assistant and get involved into the betting world. My first bet was simple; an exciting match between my favorite team Real Madrid and Barca.

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