CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a spread betting and trading CFDs company. It has become the leader CFC provider increasing its share of frequent traders by six per cent; one of the best choices for active CFC traders.

The company increased its market share from 22 per cent to 28 per cent comparing for the last year according to the Investment Trends report.

Louis Cooper, the Head of CMC Markets ANZ announced:

“Over the past 12 months CMC Markets has been focused on client suitability and longevity rather than building a large book of clients”.

“Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients, enabling them to become profitable and successful traders”.

Louis Cooper is really happy with the obtained results and as he said, CMC Markets want to gain traders who understand CFDs, that means understand it in a very deep way, as he verified:

“To be frank, if a potential CFD investor comes to us not understanding leverage, and without a good grasp of financial markets, we don’t want that person to begin trading with CMC Markets”.

CMC Markets looks to give to their client’s security and the best practices, as they said, the company doesn’t use client money on other issues such as hedging its positions or meeting the trading obligations of other clients, as Cooper announced:

“Our objective over the past 12 months has been to promote the benefits of this approach to the right investors,”

“We’re not aiming to be the largest CFD provider. We want to be the home of the active trader and I’m really pleased to see that reflected in the Investment Trends research.”

This insistence on quality also has commercial sense. In 2011 CMC Markets launched a trading platform in Australia called, CMC Tracker with the follow idea:

“We built the platform to attract active investors including features that directly appeal to them such as reliability, tight spreads, advanced charting, execution speed, and advanced pattern recognition software”.

After some analysis the company is sure that the strategy that they are following responds the Australian CFD provider’s needs.

Recently arrived to London, just one month ago I had the opportunity to start an internship in Hyperion as a digital marketing assistant and get involved into the betting world. My first bet was simple; an exciting match between my favorite team Real Madrid and Barca.

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